Older Water Heaters Should Be Replaced


Older water heaters belong in that class of things that includes bald tires and dull razor blades that common sense dictates timely replacement.  That is even more true if your water heater is installed in the attic.  If your water heater is fifteen years old or older, the only real question is whether it is going to make a small or a big mess when it fails, because it is going to fail.  It may be a year or three away from failing, but it is much more common to see younger water heaters fail than it is to see really older water heaters endure.  

Federally mandated efficiency changes for water heaters this year increase the timeliness for older water heater replacement.  Water heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015 may cost about $100 more on average. Maybe more important for all of us who live in historic homes, apartments, or in condominiums that have our water heaters in smaller alcoves or closets, the water heaters that meet the new standards will be slightly taller and wider and might not fit in the old space. This year may the right time to update while stores are selling their inventory of existing models. Unsure how old your water heater is? Here's a great website that shows you how to read your water heater's serial number to determine age:



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