Covid 19 Update

Armor Inspections Update Concerning the Current Covid 19 Crisis
In the State of Texas, functions related to real estate sales including home inspection are considered essential businesses during the current Covid 19 crisis.  Armor Inspections will continue to be available for all of your home inspection needs.  That being said, we are commited to performing home inspections as safely as possible to promote the health and well being of all our clients and their families, all the sellers and their families, and everyone's agents and representatives.  To do that is a list of some best practices we will be following during these challenging times.
1). The inspector will take his temperature with a digital thermometer twice a day -- at the beginning and end of the work day.  At any time that the inspector has any symptoms that are concerning, inspections will be postponed.  
2). Inspections will be scheduled to allow time for proper sanitzation practices both before and after the inspection.  It most cases this will mean conducting only one inspection per day.
3).  Personal protection equipment will be worn at every inspection where appropriate. 
4).  Findings at the inspection will be documented using a hand recorder, camera and/or tablet.  This will allow the inspection to proceed as quickly as possible and reduce time in the home.  This may delay writing and sending the report slightly as all those recorded comments will have to be transcribed, but reports will still be sent out the same day.  
5).  Clients and agents are no longer encouraged to attend the inspection.  Attending the inspection is not prohibited, but while we are practicing social distancing, that would appear to be prudent.  The inspector will be available after the inspection to provide a verbal summary of his findings and to answer any questions about the inspection by telephone. 
6).  Agents are encouraged to recommend to their sellers that they vacate the inspected home during the inspection as well.  This may be difficult and sometimes impossible in many cases when people are sheltering in place often with children and pets.  But any inconvenience would be offset by increased safety for all and also further reducing the actual inspection time.  As always, we are willing to text the seller or listing agent when the inspection is complete if a telephone number is provided to do so.    
7).  After leaving a home all equipment and tools will be sanitized again and the inspector will follow personal sanitations guidelines.
I hope these measures help to protect and reassure everyone in these troubling times.  If anyone has additional suggestions for protective measures I would be glad to hear them.  Let me know your thoughts and if I can be of service to you and your clients.
Best regards,
Jay Wilkinson
(C) Armor Inspections 2020