Seasonal roof maintenance

If you have any trees near your home, it is likely that you have accumulated leaves and branches caught in every valley and cranny of your roof.  If not cleared, this will turn into mulch that will retain moisture longer and may develop into a leak over time.  If it is safe to do so, a leaf blower works best.  If you have to use a broom, use one with soft bristles and use a light touch to avoid damaging your shingles.  While someone is on the roof, they should check for wind and storm damage.  It is also a great time to do other routine roof maintenance.  Trim all tree limbs a couple of feet off the roof.  Caulk any exposed nail heads or other fasteners with roofing caulk.  Check your flashing and the rubber gaskets around your vent pipes.  Be prepared to do this every year in the spring and fall or as needed.  Your roof will last longer and you will save money over time.


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