Historic Home Inspections


Armor Inspections will gladly inspect any home whether it is new construction or a historic home that was built a hundred years ago.  Inspecting historic homes requires a special set of skills and knowledge. The historical home inspector should be familiar with a wide range of historical periods and architectural styles. Older homes may have unique features and may be constructed using materials that may not be commonly used today, some of which may be hazardous if not identified.  The ideal inspector for a historic home will balance his knowledge of current building practices with an understanding of the home's historical context.   Part of the charm of an older home is the character that it has developed as it has weathered the intervening years.  The experienced historic home inspector will have inspected many homes built in the same period and style and should be able to make assessments comparable to similar homes without judging them solely by the same standards that might be applied to brand new construction. 

North Texas is blessed with many beautiful older homes and some wonderful historic neighborhoods.  Whether you are looking at a Prairie Style, Craftsman, Tudor, Victorian, or Mid Century Modern home, Armor Inspections will be glad to provide the thorough assessment that respects your needs and the character of the home that you love.   


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