Water is the Devil.


Water is the devil (that you cannot live without).  Almost all of the significant damage that home inspectors find is related to water intrusion.  Foundation performance is directly influenced by drainage.  Termite activity is driven by water penetration to the home.  Mold and wood rot is moisture related.  Although water is necessary for life itself, uncontrolled it can be a devastating force (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.).  Almost more disturbing is the subtle corrosiveness of even small leaks, seeps, and erosion.  Water can be an almost universal solvent.  When water doesn’t dissolve, rot, or wash away, it can alter destructively through the processes of rusting and crystallization. 

On one level, a home, at its most simplest, is a tool to keep the water out.  Modern homes fulfill so much more complex needs such as entertainment, work, and artistic expression, that basic function is sometimes neglected.  Small plumbing leaks go undetected; small roof leaks become larger roof leaks; drainage issues become foundation issues, etc.  The lifespan of your home is and will be directly related to how dedicated you and any future owners are to the task of keeping the water of life in control.  If you see an older home that is in superlative shape today, its current condition can always be attributed to a history of maintaining that homes water shielding properties.

Roofs should be visually inspected every year both from the roof top and in the attic.  Exposed nail heads on the roof should be sealed with roofing caulk and flashings should be painted and sealed before they rust.  When paint on your siding begins to peel, it is time to repaint.  All cracks and seams should be caulked.  The smallest of plumbing leaks should be repaired.  If water pools next to your house after rainfall, lot improvements are needed.  If the lot next to one side of your house is damper than the others, lot improvements are needed.  Whenever water or moisture is found within or around a house where it is not expected and controlled, it should be redirected or eliminated or your home and pocketbook will suffer.  


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